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Benjamin Greene


Ben grew up on a small struggling organic farm in the foothills of western North Carolina, steeped in the traditions of homegrown, local food. While earning his degree in industrial design, Ben spent his nights and weekends developing indoor farming systems that would later become the Farmery, an indoor farm-at-table eatery designed into a 1967 airstream. The Farmery licensed its indoor farm designs to a greenhouse company that resulted in over 30 indoor farm installations. After the Farmery, Ben pursued senior project management opportunities with leading indoor farming companies where he worked to optimize processes, remove inefficiencies, and innovate solutions for some of the largest indoor farms in the world.

Ben’s vision for the industry is full automation and a highly streamlined, sustainable footprint that scale dynamically with the farm—a target he saw could not be realized with the limitations and flaws inherent in these rapidly expanding mega-farms.

At Imagine Farms, Ben is deploying and refining a fresh, fully scalable system that combines industry wisdom with a nimble, neighborhood farm approach.