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Camila Catalán

Quality + Food Safety

Camila grew up in Chile, a country where over 10% of the population experiences moderate to severe food insecurity, and she knew early on that she wanted to shake up the food system. Following her passion for large-scale food production, Camila earned her Plant Science Engineering degree from The University of Talca, Chile. Her specific areas of study included Mineral Nutrition and Plant Genetics and Physiology. This allows her to confidently identify, analyze and interpret problems related to agricultural production, and design solution strategies that respond to these problems. Her experience and research base has included the following: Production of Organic Nitrogen Fertilizers, Soil Laboratory Analysis, Detection and Control of Pests and Disease, Quality Control of Export Fruits and Vegetables, and Supervision of Table Grape Export.  

Camila came to the United States in 2017 as a Supervisor of Quality Control for Fruits and Vegetables for a large Florida based field grown operation, and joined the team at Imagine Farms in 2021. Imagine Farms is proud to have Camila’s expertise as the Quality Control and Food Safety Manager, to ensure a safe environment for our staff and for our produce; as well as providing expert quality control for everything we grow.