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Matias Wawro

Restaurant and Retail Sales Coordinator

As a 2021 graduate of Boise State University with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, Matias joins the Imagine Farms team as the Restaurant and Retail Sales Coordinator.

Prior to joining the Imagine Farms team, Matias worked as a freight broker, connecting merchants and vendors and facilitating shipments nationwide. By working with numerous produce companies, Matias saw first-hand the vast distances food must travel to arrive at your grocery store or favorite restaurant, and he knew immediately that Imagine Farms is the solution to food miles and freshness.

Matias grew up as a picky eater, consuming processed foods and a carbohydrate heavy diet. It wasn’t until he discovered the benefits of eating fresh, nutrient dense, and unprocessed foods that he was able to sharpen his focus, alertness, and energy. He wants the food industry dominated by companies that sell real, fresh, delicious food; and he is excited to be part of that connection.

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