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Exciting Announcement

We have exciting news to share with you.

Dear Lettuce Lovers, We are extremely proud of the greens we grow; the quality, the taste, our ability to deliver a fresh product free of pesticides and preservatives. And, incredibly grateful that you find value in our products and services. Thank you for your ongoing support, we couldn’t do it without you. We have exciting news to share with you.

When the pandemic hit and Miami went into lockdown, our restaurant accounts canceled which had been the foundation of our growing business. Cheryl threw together an online store and we started a no-contact delivery service, delivering ‘Care Packages’ to our the doorstep of

Lettuce Lovers all over South Florida. We initially tapped into friends and family, and the community we’d developed at the farmers market; partnered with Alex and Luci at Boia De on dressings to keep Lettuce Life exciting. We completely sold out that first week and continue to do so.

In addition to our online store, Box Greens can be purchased at the Urban Oasis Project online farmers market. Not only is this our community of local growers, food producers, and the customers committed to supporting; this program also provides access to Box Greens for individuals relying on food stamps. When we successfully launched a program encouraging our regular customers to purchase a container of Box Greens for a neighbor in need at checkout in our online store, we partnered with UOP to distribute. Containers of Box Greens are included in their ‘Food Justice Veggie Box’ Program. Bi-weekly; 100 families who are all experiencing different effects of the pandemic, racial inequities, gentrification, rising unemployment & climate change receive a delivery of local fresh fruits & veggies, PPE, and cleaning supplies.

Collectively, we’re moving into a new season. Despite the obstacles, restaurants are back and serving up authentic nourishment. We pride ourselves on working with the chefs and bakers that prioritize quality ingredients and community. At this time, Box Greens can be found on the menu at Boia De, Zak the Baker, Motek and Madruga in Coral Gables. These guys need your support too.

And with this strong foundation, we are proud to announce that we are growing! That’s right, we are deep in the process of building a larger farm. Soon, we will have plenty of lettuce for all our lovers. And not just lettuce, we’ll be growing herbs, more microgreens, and a wide variety of leafy greens. While we juggle the online store, supplying restaurants and community access we’re hard at work building a campus in Little Haiti and look forward to hosting all our Lettuce Lovers at our space built for community and education.

Again, thank you for your support! With gratitude, Lisa & Cheryl


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