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The genesis of Imagine Farms is all about Community. We grow food in our community, with our community and for our community. Before the pandemic, this concept seemed fresh and promising with roots in sustainable farming and authentic nourishment for everyone around us. Now, this is critical. The Pandemic showed us how fragile our food supply chain is. Growing and distributing fresh, health supportive, delicious food, sustainably farmed without any pesticides or harsh chemicals is now an essential service which we deliver 365 days a year.

Imagine Farms in Little Haiti, Miami practices precision growth in a controlled environment to grow a range of Leafy Greens and Petite Root Vegetables. At full capacity, this farm produces 1600 LBS of leafy greens in 2030 square feet of growing space. Precision growth refers to the technology; constant monitoring and optimization of the environment to realize the full potential of each seed planted. We’ve built a family of Urban Farmers from all over South Florida that are passionate about relocalizing food production and all the potential that comes with pioneering a new field.

Carefully curated access points to connect with our community are intentional. We are at The Legion Park Farmers Market every Saturday (less than a mile from the farm). Our Ambassadors at the market work in the farm during the week and then pack up our fresh veggies to share with our community on Saturday mornings. This team brings feedback from the community back to the farm so we can adapt and upgrade, always evolving to serve the needs of our community.

Our retail partner is Miam’s Markets in Pinecrest, Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. This local chain of family owned and operated grocery stores champions local growers and producers. Aligned with our ethos of serving and supporting our community. Look for Farmer Jade next to The Lettuce Lovers Hall of Fame passing out stickers and recipe cards - she’s there to collect your feedback and share cooking tips.

Beginning in January of 2022, we’ll be hosting events at the farm to invite members of our community for a tour and tasting at the farm. The first event will be Saturday, January 22nd. This will be a chance to tour our Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Farm, taste a sampling of our crops and engage in thoughtful conversation about our food system and the future of food. As Imagine Farms grows, we hope you’ll grow with us. Click this link to grab a ticket and join the conversation. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to access more dates.

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