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From our Farm to your Table

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Delicious produce subscription with home delivery.

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Fine Dining


100% fresh produce and ingredients from our farm to your restaurant.

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Visit the 'Farm of the Future' for an educational and  interactive tour.

Locally Grown

Always Fresh

Imagine locally grown food that is always fresh, clean and ready-to-eat: no pesticides or preservatives; just water, light, minerals, and love. Imagine Farms offers fresh fruits and vegetables from our farm to your table using sustainable farming practices that include 95% less water, zero agricultural runoff, zero wildlife habitat destruction and carbon-negative agriculture. Imagine feeding your family produce that was just harvested; robust with nutrition and full of flavor.

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The Future of Food is Delicious and Nutritious

Agriculture + Technology = Imagine Farms. Our farms produce a large quantity of food in an urban city center on a compact footprint, growing a range of fresh fruits and vegetables; crisp, flavorful salad greens; sweet, crunchy, earthy carrots, meaty mushrooms; juicy strawberries, candy red and bursting with flavor. Imagine those farms just minutes from where we live, work, play and eat; fortifying our food supply chain, minimizing food miles, reducing food spoilage and food waste.

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