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Food in the Age of Climate Crisis

"Local" & "Sustainable" can be a reality.

Trending terms in the foodie world include farm to fork and sustainably sourced. We’ve been seeing these terms pop up on menus and signage in the grocery store for quite some time. This is because consumers are waking up to the realities of our food system. Locally grown food is better for the environment, ensures fresh and tasty produce with the benefit of supporting a local economy. And, at the same time, we’ve become accustomed to having our favorite fruits and veggies available all seasons all the time regardless of the reality of the season and growing conditions.

You see, Lettuce is a cold-weather crop, meaning it thrives in 60 - 70 degree temps. At 70 - 80 degrees it will flower and seed rendering it inedible. Or worse, susceptible to humidity and critters which requires unsavory controls. The season for growing our favorite salad greens locally is slim to none. South Florida is a tropical zone and a season for cold weather crops don’t really exist.

90% of all lettuce consumed in the US is grown in California and Arizona. It travels 3000+ miles to meet us in South Florida. The transporting of food, ‘food miles’ acquired has a devastating effect on the environment with a significant carbon footprint. The Agricultural Industry, the production and distribution of food is a major contributor of CO2 emissions. In addition to contributing to climate change, food degrades in flavor and nutrition while in transport, the three to four weeks it takes to hit our salad bowl.

Box Greens is an indoor hydroponic farm classified as CEA (controlled environment agriculture). This type of farming uses 90% less water than traditional farming. We grow food in close proximity to where people live and eat. So we are not contributing ‘food miles’. In fact, we distribute within two miles of the farm. We utilize technology and innovation to adhere to sustainable farming practices without any pesticides or herbicides. The quality of our lettuce is exceptional in both flavor and nutrition. We deliver the same day as we harvest for a product that is truly farm to fork and sustainably farmed.


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