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Locavore, What's in a Label?

Authentic nourishment means supporting our local community in every way.

Box Greens is a mission-driven organization. We are dedicated to reimagining a food system where food is grown and distributed in close proximity to where the people in our community live, work and play while answering a growing demand for fresh food free from pesticides and herbicides.

We supply salad greens to restaurants that prioritize supporting local farmers, adhere to the farm to table ideology and the locavore movement. At the end of every week, we pack up the balance of greens that didn’t go to restaurants and set up our booth at The Legion Park Farmers Market where we sell to the general public on Saturdays. This market is dedicated to supporting local farmers and food producers; creating a space for the local food movement to flourish. The market is truly accessible which is rare, it is set up to accept SNAP benefits where shoppers get double value on benefits when purchasing fresh produce. It is here that we talk to consumers about the farm and educate our community on what makes our farm unique and the importance of supporting local farmers.

Serving our community and touting our ‘Local’ identification is so much more than a marketing tag for our organization. Box Greens participates in the Fresh from Florida program organized by the Florida State Department of Agriculture. This is a network of Florida farmers, fishermen, and ranchers that grow and harvest food in the state of FL. Agriculture has more than a $132 billion economic impact across our state while providing 2,204,400 jobs and local sources of food. Authentic nourishment means supporting our local community in every way.


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