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The Imagine Farms Manifesto

Imagine Farms that can produce large quantities of food in an urban city center on a compact footprint, growing a range of fresh fruits and vegetables; crisp, flavorful salad greens; sweet, crunchy, earthy carrots; juicy strawberries, candy red and bursting with flavor. Imagine those farms just minutes from where we live, work, play and eat.

Imagine Farms producing food that is always fresh, clean and ready-to-eat: no pesticides or preservatives; just water, light, minerals, and love. Imagine feeding your family produce that was just harvested; robust with nutrition and full of flavor.

Imagine Farms with a positive impact on the environment. Farms that require very little water. Farms that utilize vertical planes to maximize their footprint, producing an incredible amount of food on a compact lot of land. Imagine returning farmland back to nature; rewilding depleted fields transformed into natural carbon sinks.

Imagine Farms that distribute in close proximity to where the produce is grown; fortifying our food supply chain, minimizing food miles, reducing food spoilage and food waste.

Imagine Farms that are modular. Farms that can be configured to fit in a space as small as 50x100 sq/ft, tucked into a densely populated neighborhood. Or, farms configured to scale up and service a large fulfillment center growing fresh, healthy food at the heart of urban distribution. Imagine a modular farm adaptable to grow specific types of produce to meet the needs of each unique community.

Imagine Farms that are a hub of innovation and education. Providing the next generation with the skills they need to feed our growing population. Imagine Future Farmers thriving right now, receiving hands-on work experience while reimagining a food system better for our planet and the health and wellbeing of everyone in our communities.

Imagine Farms Growing Vibrant Food in community, with community, and for community.


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