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Watercress is the new ‘Kale’

Watercress is a cruciferous veg; a cousin to Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, and the ever trending Kale. The leaves and stems of this peppery powerhouse vegetable are packed with flavor and nutrition, adding variation in texture and complexity to raw salads or a cooked meal. All the cruciferous veggies are Rockstars, widely known for their health benefits; anti-cancer properties, high fiber content, rich in vitamins and minerals. But watercress is something extra special.

Watch out, Kale! Watercress is rated #1 on the scale on the *US Centers for Disease Control’s Powerhouse Fruits and Vegetable List. This scale identifies the nutrient density of vegetables in relation to caloric makeup. And get this: Watercress beat out Spinach (#5) and Kale (#15) by leaps and bounds. Watercress also appears as #1 on *The Anti-Depressant Food Score Scale published in the World Journal of Psychiatry by Nutritional Psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey. *links provided to studies - check out the science.

So why does Kale get all the love? This might have something to do with the fact that Kale is a common commodity and easy to grow in a variety of climates (kale is a tough guy and it really shows in its personality). Watercress is a bit more elusive. It’s a perennial vegetable that grows naturally along waterways showered with sunshine. These qualities are more complicated when growing fresh produce for wide distribution and transport. However, these conditions are easily recreated in an indoor farm. And with the flourishing of the indoor farming industry - Watercress is in the perfect position to take the center stage.

Imagine Farms is an Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Farm. Our precision-controlled farms provide the ideal conditions for growing all kinds of leafy greens; especially Watercress: cooler temps, an abundance of nutrient-rich water, and a light spectrum that mimicks sunshine - perfect conditions 365 days a year. Our Watercress is distributed locally just after harvest, landing on the plate of leafy-green-lovers shortly after harvest; full of flavor, nutrition, and it’s pesticide-free.

The only thing more exciting than the nutritional benefits of watercress is how delicious it is and easy to incorporate into everyday meals. A well-seasoned bed of Watercress is the perfect base for a hearty protein or the foundation to build a big-a$$ salad for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Here are some of our favorite ways to eat watercress:

  • roughly chop and then follow with a splash of EVOO, Champagne Vinegar, salt & pepper and then toss to coat evenly

  • steam watercress and finish with a splash of fresh lemon, salt & pepper

  • quickly stir-fry in toasted sesame oil with garlic, freshly grated ginger, salt & pepper

Martha likes to make Pesto out of Watercress - handy to keep in the fridge to whip up a pasta salad, spread on a sandwich, or dollop into an omelet or tofu scramble.


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