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What is an Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Farm?

Imagine Farms is an Indoor Vertical Hydroponic Farm in Little Haiti, Miami; the center of the most vibrant city in the United States. We grow an incredible amount of healthy and delicious food on a compact footprint in close proximity to where our customers; AKA ‘Lettuce Lovers’ live, work, and play. Our family of ‘Lettuce Lovers’ know that our greens are full of flavor; delivered fresh, and robust with nutrition but what is an indoor vertical hydroponic farm? Let’s break it down:

The crops at Imagine Farms grow inside our thoughtfully designed controlled environment - we grow indoors and implement technology to maintain the ideal growing conditions where our crops thrive 365 days a year (rain or shine) without any pesticides or harsh chemicals.

Vertical farming refers to utilizing all of the space in our farms; floor-to-ceiling. Our crops are planted in layers, similar to shelves on a bookshelf which allows us to maximize our real estate. Imagine how much space you would need if all the books on your bookshelf were laid out on the floor (one singular plane) as opposed to stacking books on shelves adjusted perfectly to accommodate the size of your books.

The roots of our plants are nourished with a nutrient-rich water solution that recirculates through the system for the life cycle of our greens - hydroponic farming is this technique of growing food without any soil. Because the nutrition is readily available and the conditions are optimal, our greens grow faster than field-grown greens. This is an ancient technique that surprisingly uses 95% less water than conventional means of farming.

An indoor vertical hydroponic farm is a modern means of growing an incredible amount of food on a small footprint in any environment 365 days a year without any pesticides or harsh chemicals. Our greens are both crisp and tender at the same time because we grow at their ideal temperature, full of flavor and nutrition because we deliver to you within days (as opposed to weeks) after being harvested.

Imagine Farms is proud to provide South Florida with vibrant food grown in our community and delivered fresh to your front door.


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